Raval restaurant in Berlin: Daniel Brühl's Spanish gastronomy challenge


The German actor, Daniel Brühl known above all for his Spanish origins (and if he’s not, it’ll come to you as a surprise), was born Daniel César Martín Brühl González Domingo 32 years ago in Barcelona. These roots have been well and truly demonstrated in his role in films set in Barcelona such as Salvador (Puig), as well as that in the film set on the Barcelona Port, Cargo.

The connection with his birth city and native country will be even stronger with the opening of a Spanish tapas restaurant in Berlin this winter called ´Raval`, which is a clear reference to the popular Barcelona district and where he is often spotted walking around when he comes to visit this exciting city.

This future Spanish restaurant will be located on Lübbener Strasse 1, a well known and bohemian area in Kreuzberg, and it will most definitely be worth a visit not only from the many tourists that flood the district, but also from the Latin and German residents that love Spanish wine, cheese, and the varied Spanish gastronomy. Daniel Brühl intends to cover a basic need which is for him offering authentic Spanish food in the Berlin capital. Its not that there aren’t any Spanish restaurants in the city, it’s just that according to the German actor there is a general lack of quality and authenticity, therefore his aim is non other than to provide what the other Spanish restaurants lack. All the food products will be directly imported from Spain to thus offer authentic Spanish food, so if you’re passing through Berlin, pass by the Spanish restaurant ´Raval` if you would like to try authentic Spanish cooking in the heart of the Berlin capital.

According to google maps his restaurant is 10 minutes walking distance from berlin19. We for sure will check it out next summer.